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Selected Publications


  • Paul BK, Barkai E, Lamprecht R. The role of p21-activated kinase in maintaining the fear learning-induced modulation of excitation/inhibition ratio in lateral amygdala. Neurobiol Learn Mem. 2021 179:107385.                                                                     

  • Alapin JM, Dines M., Lamprecht R (2020). EphB2 receptor forward signaling is needed for normal long-term memory formation in aged mice. Neurobiology of Aging, 2020 86:11-15.                                                                                                                       

  • Paul B, Reuveni I, Barkai E, Lamprecht R. (2020). Learning-induced enduring changes in inhibitory synaptic transmission in lateral amygdala are mediated by p21-activated kinase. J Neurophysiol. 2020 Jan 1;123(1):178-190.                                                                                                               

  • Basu S, Alapin JM, Dines M1, Lamprecht R. (2020). Long-term memory is maintained by continuous activity of Arp2/3 in lateral amygdala. Neurobiol Learn Mem.  2020 167:107115.                             

  • Lamprecht R (2019). Regulation of signaling proteins in the brain by light. Progress in Neurobiology   2019 180:101638.                                   

  • JM, Dines M, Vassiliev M1Tamir T, Ram A, Locke C, Yu J, Lamprecht R (2018). Activation of EphB2 Forward Signaling Enhances Memory Consolidation. Cell Rep.  23: 2014-2025.     

  • Basu S, Lamprecht R (2018). The Role of Actin Cytoskeleton in Dendritic Spines in the Maintenance of Long-Term Memory. Front Mol Neurosci. 11:143.                                                                                    

  • Das A, Dines M, Alapin JM, Lamprecht R, (2017). Affecting long-term fear memory through optical control of Rac1 GTPase and PAK activity in lateral amygdala.Sci Rep. 7(1):13930.                                                                                            

  • Basu S, Kustanovich I, Lamprecht R (2016).  Arp2/3 and VASP Are Essential for Fear Memory Formation in Lateral Amygdala.  eNeuro, 3, e0302-16.2016 1–10.                             

  • Lamprecht R (2016). The Role of Actin Cytoskeleton in Memory Formation in Amygdala.Front Mol Neurosci. 9: 23.​​    

  • Ghosh S., Reuveni I., Barkai E., Lamprecht R. (2016).  CaMKII activity is required for maintaining learning-induced enhancement of AMPAR-mediated synaptic excitation. Journal of Neurochemistry. 6, 1168–1176.

  • Dines M, Lamprecht R (2015). The role of Ephs and ephrins in memory formation. Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. in press


  • Dines M, Grinberg S, Vassiliev M, Ram A, Tamir T, Lamprecht R. (2015). The roles of Eph receptors in contextual fear conditioning memory formation. Neurobiol Learn Mem. in press


  • Ganea DA, Dines M, Basu S, Lamprecht R. (2015). The Membrane Proximal Region of AMPA Receptors in Lateral Amygdala is Essential for Fear Memory Formation. Neuropsychopharmacology.  In press


  • Katz IK, Lamprecht R (2015). Fear conditioning leads to alteration in specific genes expression in cortical and thalamic neurons that project to the lateral amygdala. J Neurochem. 132, 313-326.


  • Ghosh S, Reuveni I, Lamprecht R, Barkai E. (2015).. Persistent CaMKII activation mediates learning-induced long-lasting enhancement of synaptic inhibition. J Neurosci. 35, 128-139. 


  • Dines M. and Lamprecht R. (2014). EphrinA4 mimetic peptide targeted to EphA binding site impairs the formation of long-term fear memory in lateral amygdala. Translational Psychiatry, 4:e450,


  • Joels G. and Lamprecht R. (2014). Fear memory formation can affect a different memory: fear conditioning affects the extinction, but not retrieval, of conditioned taste aversion (CTA) memory. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, in press


  • Lamprecht R. (2014). The actin cytoskeleton in memory. Progress in Neurobiology. . 


  • Habib MR, Ganea DA, Katz IK, Lamprecht R. (2013). ABL1 in thalamus is associated with safety but not fear learning. Front Syst Neurosci. 26;7:5.


  • Sweetat S, Rosenblum K, Lamprecht R (2012). Rho-associated kinase in the gustatory cortex is involved in conditioned taste aversion memory formation but not in memory retrieval or relearning. Neurobiology of Learning and memory 97, 1-6.

  • Lamprecht R. (2011). The roles of the actin cytoskeleton in fear memory formation. Front. Behav. Neurosci. 5, 39.Joels G. and Lamprecht R. (2010). Interaction between N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor and GluR2 is essential for fear memory formation in lateral amygdala, J Neurosci. 30, 15981 - 15986. 

  • Lamprecht R., Dracheva S., Assoun S., LeDoux J (2009). Fear conditioning induces distinct patterns of gene expression in lateral amygdala. Genes, brain and Behavior 8, 735-743. Article

  • Mantzur L., Joels G., and Lamprecht R. (2009). Actin polymerization in lateral amygdala is essential for fear memory formation. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 91, 85-88. 

  • Lamprecht R. Farb, C.R. Rodrigues S.M and LeDoux J.E. (2006). Fear conditioning drives profilin into amygdala dendritic spines. Nature Neuroscience,9(4), 481-483. 

  • Lamprecht R., Margulies D.S., Farb C.R., Hou M., Johnson L.R., and LeDoux J.E. (2006). Myosin light chain kinase regulates synaptic plasticity and fear learning in the lateral amygdala. Neuroscience, 139(3), 821-829. 

  • Lamprecht R., LeDoux J.E. (2004). Structural Plasticity and Memory. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 5, 45 -54. 


  • Lamprecht R., Farb C.R., and LeDoux J.E. (2002). Fear memory formation involves p190 RhoGAP and ROCK proteins through a GRB2-mediated complex. Neuron, 36 (4), 727-738. 

  • Lamprecht R., Hazvi S., and Dudai Y. (1997). CREB in the amygdala is required for long- but not short-term conditioned taste aversion memory. J. Neuroscience 17(21), 8443-50. 

  • Lamprecht R. and Dudai Y. (1996). Transient expression of c-Fos in rat amygdala during training is required for encoding conditioned taste aversion memory. Learning and Memory 3(1), 31-41. Article




Laboratory for Molecular Neurobiology of Memory

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